Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Journey (+ spoken word video)

*This is a poem that I did as part of a tag I received on youtube. The tag is called "Loc Star Poetry", and it was a lot of fun particpating. I made a video response to the tag today and I hope that you check it out below :-)*

As I travel to the land of my locs
the texture consumes me,
from root to tip is a precious journey, with a foundation
built with courage, strength, liberation and love...
and naysayers watch me,
negativity caught in the back of their throats, ready to spit
but I dare them to cough up their lyes....
to know my locs is to know me,
the natural pryncess that I have become
finally flying, overlooking the stereotypes that use to weigh me down
finally giving birth to a freedom that i never knew could exist in me
finally outside of a box that became too cramped up with synthetics,
finally...being true to myself.
and the journey to loc'dom continues, and I shall remain the one who's driving...

Pryncess Poetiq, 2010.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

When A Broken Heart Writes

imagine my eyes
how they sparkle with longing and gratitude
thankful to feel the warmth of his breath on my neck. again.
then they close,
as white hot signals flash across my heart
palpitating lightning in a euphoric storm.
imagine my ears
how sensitive they are to
each and every whisper, moan, and declaration
hanging onto his words like a cliffhanger
on the verge of falling...back in love.
imagine my mouth
how it dives into this perfect kiss
he feeds me words like "i'm sorry, please forgive me"
using his lips to spoon it all in
and I'm left full for many days...
then imagine my surprise
when I find that my eyes...
my ears...and my mouth
betrayed my wishful thinking
letting heartache write a fairy tale...

(c) Pryncess Poetiq, 2010.