Tuesday, September 29, 2009


you feel like springtime
while snow twinkles under moonlight
and ice is crushed below moving tires outside your window...
you unhibernate me
releasing the caged bird of my most sweetest modesty
and i love
and i scream...
screaming like i could never have 2morrow
all that matters
and all that's left is
this night
this moment
lost in us
losing my purity, innocence and me.

© Pryncess Poetiq, 2009.

Sun, Moon and Stars (Haiku)

the sun will decay
and the moon will birth night, till...
a dream that stars you.

(c)Pryncess Poetiq, 2009.

Meditation of Infatuation

My posture...sitting in lotus position
as unrealistic contemplations
overcrowd my thinking space
leaving no vacancies for fresh deliberations
he is dreamy
hotel accommodated in my brain
& who knows when check out time is...
wondering what personified fragrance he is wearing
& how it would smell rubbed off on me
inquiring what mix of flavor his lips would be
if they were to graciously touch mine...
I want a taste of his forever
so that I can receive the recipe
to get to his heart
his love is like a heavy downpour
& I'd take the risk of getting wet
but he is unreachable
like a never-ending mountain
that I cannot grasp to the top of....
& it crumbles down on me
dissatisfaction on my tongue
hard not to swallow its thick consistency
the funk of this impractical meditation
tricky to disinfect my spirit.

(c) Pryncess Poetiq, 2005.

Paint You

I love to paint you

without a paintbrush

colors, or an easel...


I paint you within the strokes

of my pen,

its magical...

more beautiful,

the way your energy feeds my soul to


I think of you softly between

metaphors, freeverse

and pretty cursive,

just as your kisses become haikus...

when I paint you

we dance between limericks,

and your smile translates to art,

your idyllic soul, gentle as watercolors

transforms scribbles to poetry,

to create a masterpiece

already all my own...


Cruel Memory

In the genesis of our existence

our passion was fresh

pure, looking for emotions to become concrete

he left me with a sense of assurance

my heart obtuse

but heedless to what hindered us to be complete

reminiscent as a warm November

we were beautiful with the feeling of timelessness

although the time rendered us unusual

then the sand of our hourglasses

had surrendered their last grain

and the perception of our souls were no longer mutual

he is a cruel memory

as the rain of my irises

are constantly strewn all over the floor

my dreams are just a torturing imagery

of how your conclusion bullies my seclusion

but will I ever not love you anymore?

only the brokenhearted could understand

how much pain is involved

when all you have is love's silhouette

and just like a defaced masterpiece

he's something I don't want to remember

but left struggling to forget.

(c) Pryncess Poetiq, 2006.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


all she wants is something simple and gentle
feeling it softly along the length of her body and strength
a sensitive spot in her heart
wants to be noticed
as it beats agaisnt her sugary ignorance
her sensual smile speaks to every guy she wants to know
hoping they will decipher her code...
but one by one
they enter her blind
and her eyes are closed, too.

(c) Pryncess Poetiq, 2007.

Good Night

I caressed the soft kink of his long locks
intertwined into my curious fingers
he laid with closed eyes
allowing me to massage his mind
our thoughts floated freely
into the bedroom air
we're relaxed
from prior ecstasies
our body heat like chemistry
kinetic vibes of aromatic warmth
rested in dignified tranquility
his passionate eyes looked into mine
fingers stroking my face
as if it was too delicate to touch
he made long, invisible trails into my chocolate skin
and told me of his love
so influential like poetic verses
his voice weaved me into euphoric rhapsodies
beyond Earth
dancing among the stars and moon
and we lay
face 2 face
heavy eyelids draped slowly
until nothing but peaceful darkness...

(c) Pryncess Poetiq, 2006.


silence is a wall between us
and I refuse to break the breach of peace
the signature of my anger is on the dotted line

my inner being to love you is clouded
even when it's strong as an obsession
and I still anticipate you being mine

we are a distant existence
and my love has become more of a challenge
as my impulse throbs for us to grow

tired of the safe satisfaction
one that does not complete this puzzle
of waiting for a concious status to glow

I search for solace in my solitude
and I'm soon headed for a permanent departure
as the moon promises to glisten my tears

an insane struggle to contemplate over hurt feelings
and wonder if love will ever manifest through us
intensely multiplying my fears

please look at me
I'm edgy, walking on a tight rope
and your absence decreases it to a thinner line

my inner being to love you is clouded
my faith for us is weakening
and I ponder how much longer I'll wait for you to be mine...

(c) Pryncess Poetiq, 2008.

Indian Summer

The amber glow of sun
highlights the hue of my iris
as I sit just before the murky waters
70 degrees welcome me
to enjoy its zephyr
while I luxuriate in the rain
of golden parched leaves
birds sing lulling melodies
and in this moment
worries go into a folder of oblivion
and i close my eyes...
to thank God for his creativity.

(c) Pryncess Poetiq, 2006.